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  I'm getting so tired of people on youtube. Somehow the following of music has turned into a reason to disrespect legends. It's a constant battle as to who is "better". People are bashing each others opinions on videos meant as tributes. Yes, I understand that not everyone likes Hendrix however, I believe that everyone should at least offer the proper amount of respect. This name calling bs is stupid. Since when did music become a contest for who could bring more shame to the rock community?
          Every legend is a legend for a particular reason. It is impossible to compare them and say one is better than the other. It's perfectly fine to argue your opinion however, it's not fair to say that you are right and someone else is wrong simply because you don't like the artist. Yeah granted we're all somewhat elitist at some point but, there is no need to call names. I think it's about time for some bands to go back to the roots blues, jazz. The raw emotion that makes rock what it is.
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