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More praise and thoughts about a man that died too soon

    Recently I haven't had the time I would like to have to do more research on Hendrix. I admit lately I've been kind of outta touch with the things that I love. A while back I wrote a poem and I would kind of like to know what people think about it.  It's called Peace Man. I was trying to capture not only the feel of Jimi but also the sound.

Peace Man
 Hey baby I got a story to tell
                     of a man with a message
                                    oh soooo sweet...

             With hippie flowers
                      and midnight hours
                           NO  bullet showers
                               baby I know you get me

              This man he didn't like the state divided
                so he hopped on his rainbow and oh how the notes glided
                                      Baby just listen to me  
                      He rode the stars down to the stage
                                   He broke out of his cage

                                You know what his message was
                                               Baby we all got to be free

By: Elissa Pagel

I'm curious to know what you think. I thought this would be an awesome place to post it. Also, please please don't steal this poem. I worked very hard on it.
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