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I wrote about the Sex Tape Scandal.

In light of everything that been going on, the Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape is the only thing that really caught my interest. The tape is out today and being distrubuted by the infamous Vivid Entertainment, who everyone is trying to prolong their fifteen minutes of fame and take their clothes off for. You can order the tape or view the trailer at, though it is pricey at 34.95. If you live in Raleigh, North Carolina Area, Castle Erotica on Capitol Blvd. has it for the same price. =)

When this spectulation first occured I read about it on and actually did enough research to be able to view the tape. though not in it's entirety. I know Jimi Hendrix and it is most defiently him. If you didn't know, the tape is him having sexual intercourse, oral sex (giving, receiving) and a few other things with two females. In addition to the footage, two women give commentary of sex in the sixities. One of them is Cynthia Plaster Caster, of who I am all too farmilar with.

Cynthia Plaster Caster molds the pensises of Rock Stars and she replicated this mold into the Jimi Hendrix Dildo, which I have known about for quite some time now. She would be one to know about the look of Jimi's penis and she swears up and down that this is him on the tape. I agree with her and see it's obvious that this is him. This is no doubt the real deal.

Is it really that shocking? Seriously now people. Jimi Hendrix is the love of my life and I would never do something to defame him or make him seem cheap or low class because he wasn't any of those things. However, we all know he got around. If you don't believe me, please look at the Electric Ladyland poster. If you don't believe me, watch his life story documentary, which I have and will be glad to lend you. Jimi Hendrix liked to have sex and it doesn't shock me that he did it on film.

There is one thing that does shock me, however. That thing being how the staff for his estate is denying this is him.

You can view the statement on the estate website which is However, I have quoted it here, since it is concise.

" We, Experience Hendrix, the family company of Jimi Hendrix are aware of the release of the adult videotape which alleges to contain illicit footage of Jimi Hendrix. We strongly dispute the claimed authenticity and affirmatively state that Experience Hendrix is neither involved in, nor have we authorized the distribution of this film. Further, we deplore this obvious exploitation of Jimi Hendrix. We view the release as nothing more than a callous attempt to trade on the image and reputation of a deceased artist who is unable to defend himself against such an outrageous and baseless assertion. We are highly offended by the disgraceful portrayal.

While we do not wish to call undue attention to this desecration, we reserve all rights and remedies under the law to protect the character and legacy of Jimi Hendrix with which we have been charged and legally possess. "

As it was just stated, it is the family company of Jimi, therefore, it is run by his family. They certainly do not want this coming out because they run several tours in his honor, which have become family orientened. ( As a side note if you like Jimi's music, you really should see for tour dates on the Red House Tour and the various Tribute concerts they do in NY/DC, I plan on attending when new dates are annouced, which is yet to happen). Also, the sex tape scandal occured within a month period of the new and fabulous Jimi Hendrix exhibit that is currently on display in Seattle, which is also a family event.

Furthermore, the estate holds the legal licensing rights therefore it can mark certain items as authentic. This is not a new concept as the same is true with Elvis Presley's estate as well as Marilyn Monroe's. Therefore, since the tape is not being distrubuted by them, they can not mark it as authentic. When it comes to collectors edition magazines, books, t-shirts and other types of memoribila you would want the mark of the estate, however, this tape is a different matter.

It is quite simple to discern why the estate wrote such a nasty letter about the tape. It can very easily be broken down into three reasons.

1. The tape (though it is put in a documentary setting) shows footage of Hendrix in sexual acts and would be detremental to the family type setting of merchandising and events that the estate puts out. Also, the estate is run by family members of Hendrix and the footage on the tape is a personal issue for his family.

2. The footage on the tape was obtained from a collector of Hendrix Memorabila by Vivid Entertainment and the profits are being collected by Vivid Entertainment. Since the estate is not collecting profits and does not have access to all of the information, it is not possible for them to verify the authenticity of the tape.

3. The estate is not distrubuting the tape, therefore they cannot officially discern it as real. Since the nature of the tape is sexual, they may see it as explotive. The same controversy went around the Jimi Hendrix Dildo, though Hendrix posed for the origional mold of the product.

As I mentioned before his new biography, the offficial documentary of his life and other things which are distrubuted and are marked by the estate are a testimony to the musician's sexuality. So, it may seem the estate is being hypocritical. However, I don't really see it as such because it is both a bussiness matter and a testimony of modesty towards this tape, which is of a pornagraphic nature.

However, what I do have a problem with is this statement. The estate could have reserved their outrage at what is obvious and simply said we do not endorse the product and question it's authenticity. We cannot say it is real because we have no knowledge of it and we do not know all of the information. That is the truth. They do not know the information and they have not marked it for bussiness reasons, they could have been more professional about it because their statement has caused alot of doubt about the authenticity of the tape, when, it really is him.

I don't think it really scars the image of Hendrix at all, him being filmed while having sexual intercourse is something that happens to many stars today and it was quite common in the 1960's as well. This tape being released just is a testimony to him as a lover. He was a great one. This is a positive thing for him and will not affect his career at all, though he is dead.

He will continue to be someone who stood for peace and love and someone who shared their talent with the world and touched so many people. He will continue to be the voice of a generation and will continue to inspire me and even my children and grandchildren.

I plan on purchasing the tape as soon as I am finicially able because I collect his merchandise and I see it as a valuable part of my collection. If it was something like three hours of sex, I might not purchase it. However, since I have viewed it I see it as educational as much as it is pornographic.

For the record, I do not find the tape arousing, I find it a collectors item because of it's educational purposes and cultural purposes as well. My personal relationship with Jimi Hendrix and his influence on my life is lot more intimate than that. I know alot about Jimi Hendrix the musical genius, this is about Jimi Hendrix the man.

If you find it explotive, I understand. Many people do find it that as well. However, I think it is fascinating. I can only assure you that this tape is real and it is alot different and less sleazy than you may think.
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