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Who here has heared about the new possible jimi hendrix movie, thats supposebly set to star lenny kravits as the legend that is hendrix?
please post any known info, or opinions on kravits playing the role.

My opinion : Kravits.....first of all he cares more about his image then he does the music. He plays a right hand guitar as oppose to hendrix's lefty. HIs acting could possibly be really fkn tereible. lols. I basically do not like the guy. I mean cmon dude kravits to play the legendary hendrix. TOtally not worthy. I cant imagine him playin the role at all.
I heared andre 3000 was a possiblity to play hendrix, i reckon he would of been so much better than kravits he reallylooked like him and seemed like the guy capable of displaying the same sort of soul power jimi did.Not that he could play a mean guitar. But he could probably pull of the acting a hell of alot better. Andre was a guy who i could definitly see playing the role. what a shame.
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